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Sales Agent (German / French / Spanish / Italian)

за домовленістю

Компанія: Компанія
Контактна особа: Адміністратор
Місто (регіон): Луцьк

Основна інформація:

We are a company engaged in remote support and provides assistance to MAC and PC users worldwide. We are looking for Sales Agents 
who are interested to work in multitasking international environment.

provide technical support and world-class customer service via chat;
attract potential customers by answering product and service questions;
offer company's service and persuade potential customers to purchase it;
handle and resolve customer complaints;
identify and assess customers' needs to achieve satisfaction;
provide accurate, valid and complete information by using the right methods/tools;
follow communication procedures, guidelines and policies.



B2+ level one
 of the foreign languages (German / French / Spanish / Italian / Japanese / Portuguese)
B1+ level of English
experience in communicating with native speakers (would be a plus);
experience in using PC/MAC and Internet;
excellent communication and presentation skills;
ability to learn and adapt fast;
driven and motivated mindset;
understanding of sales process and persuasion skills;
strong customer focus and service orientation;
stress tolerance and decision-making.


competitive salary + possibility to get bonuses for quality of your work;
free tuition;
possibility of promotions;
paid trial period;
comfortable office location;
participation in corporate events and much more.

We are proud of our strong team of professionals and friendly corporate attitude. To apply please e-mail your CV with the detailed description of your career and skills. We guarantee the privacy of any received information.


e-mail: не вказано

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Вакансії в регіоні: Луцьк

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Kovel Резюме і вакансії, робота у Ковелі
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Lokachi Резюме і вакансії, робота у Локачах
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127 12
Lyubeshiv Резюме і вакансії, робота у Любешові
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133 11
Lyuboml Резюме і вакансії, робота у Любомлі
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141 12
Rozhushche Резюме і вакансії, робота у Рожищах
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155 18
Stara-Vuzhivka Резюме і вакансії, робота у Старій Вижівці
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